Sphalerite Crystal Towers

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This listing is for one of the Sphalerite crystal towers as pictured. These towers each have beautiful druzy caves all around with unique features. Select which crystal option you would like upon adding this piece to your cart. 

Sphalerite is zinc sulfide, an ore of zinc. This stone is used to help ground your energies and activate your lower 3 chakras. It raises courage, drive, and focus levels to heights they never knew they had within. This mineral helps one to truly believe in themselves and their ability to unlock their full potential in this life.

Each one sits nicely on any flat surface.


A - 1in base X 3.25in tall

B - 1.25in base X 3.75in tall

C - 1in base X 4in tall

D - 1.25in base X 3.5in tall

E - 1.25in base X 3.75in tall

F - 1.25in base X 3.25in tall

G - 1.5in base X 3.5in tall

H - 1in base X 3in tall

I - 1.25in base X 3.25in tall

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