F A Qs

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  There is an item in your store that I am interested in but is sold out, am I able to pre-order this or is there any way you can let me know when it is back in stock?

A:  Most commonly, once a particular item is sold or sold out, that same item will not be restocked. I create most of my work on a one-of-a-kind basis, meaning that no two items will ever be the same. When you buy an Auragon original, you are buying a truly unique piece of handcrafted art that is not to be reproduced. However, all crystals and gemstones (non-handmade products) can be pre-ordered and restock on a regular basis.


Q:  Do you make custom dream catchers? Or will you re-create an older piece that is already sold?

A:  At this time, I do not create custom work. I am always happy to hear what people would like to see, but I am no longer in the business of custom creations. All of the work I have available is everything included in my shop updates.


Q:  How can I know when new products get added to the shop? When is your next collection release?

A:  Auragon can be found on most social media platforms (Instagram being the most consistent), there you can follow me to find out shop update dates and times. I also have a news letter that you can subscribe to in order to be notified when new items are added to the shop! 


Q:  Do you do wholesale?

A:  Auragon products are mostly all unique handmade items, so therefore I cannot offer special bulk discounts to other resellers or stores. 


Please feel free to contact me with your question or concern if you didn't find your answer (: