Spellcraft Herbal Vials

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Vials made with love and intention ~ Each one of these serves a different purpose, with different natural fillings inside. Select which option you would like upon adding this item to your cart.

Amethyst ~ With the intention of strengthening intuition. Filled with Tigers Eye, Rose Petals, Citrine, Lavender, and Jasmine Flowers.

Black Tourmaline ~ With the intention of protection. Filled with Black Onyx, Amethyst, Rose Petals, and Jasmine Flowers.

Clear Quartz ~ With the intention of balance. Filled with Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Lavender, and Rose Petals.

Rose Quartz ~ With the intention of love. Filled with Peridot, Citrine, Lavender, and Rose Petals.

Pyrite ~ With the intention of absorbing negativity. Filled with Garnet, Tigers Eye, Lavender, and Rose Petals.

Blue Calcite ~ With the intention of peace. Filled with Peridot, Clear Quartz, Lavender, and Jasmine Flowers.

Each measures approximately 2in tall

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