Ingwaz Dream Antler Spirit Totem

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This piece has been crafted out of a large deer antler featuring dream catcher webbing between its opening segments. Labradorite crystal beads are strung within the weave of this piece.

This antler is adorned with soft dark brown cotton cord tassels and decorative beads strung throughout the cords. The feathers used throughout this piece are pheasant and turkey tail. Hanging off the end of one of the points is a beautiful shiny tigers eye crystal. Also hanging off one of the lower points is a dark amulet style buffalo tooth. A beautiful Lapis Lazuli crystal is inlaid into this antler at the base of the segment openings. Right above this crystal is an engraved Ingwaz rune. This rune is a symbol of potential and growth as well as the cyclical nature of existence. 

This piece hangs from a sturdy hemp cord loop.

Harm free! Antlers have been naturally shed and collected. Sourced from Montana.

Measures:  11in wide  X  33in long (from tip to tip including top hanging piece)

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