Flower Agate Crystal Pebble Stones

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This listing is for one of the flower agate crystals as pictured. These stones each exhibit unique characteristics and features.

Flower agate provides light to illuminate your purpose and your destined path. These stones have a lot of variation with the plumes. Some are large, full and open. Others are small and appear as if they are in the process of reaching their full potential. The plumes represent the journey to achieving your dreams. This stone is often considered to be the stone of the Sacred Feminine Trinity. It unifies the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The Divine Trinity is said to reside inside all women. It tempers the innocence and joy of the Maiden, instills trust in the guidance and creation of the Mother, and lets you relish in the wisdom of the Crone. By balancing these sides of your spirit, you're able to experience true enlightenment. 

Each measures approximately 2in  X  2 3/4in 


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