Custom Order Deposit

Custom Order Deposit

  • $ 50.00

Only 3 left!

By placing a custom order deposit you will be signed up to have your own custom design come to life! This deposit will go towards the overall cost of the piece. Once the order is placed, I will reach out to you through email to discuss the design you would like to have made. You can customize almost anything you'd like! For example - size, colors, specific design symbols, crystals, etc.

If you don't have a specific design in mind but know where you would want to hang something, I can even create a free-flow piece to match beautifully with your space!

If you have your eye on a re-creation piece of something that has already been made, I can mostly accommodate depending on the design request. Some pieces cannot be re-created based on certain materials they require, however we can also swap out components to something else that you would like!

Once we've settled on a design you like, production will begin! Creations will be made in order of purchasing. Once your piece is finished, you'll recieve photos along with a link for the remaining balance of your piece to be paid off (price will be discussed before I begin). Once paid, I will ship your creation out right away! ~ Please allow 2-5 weeks for your design to be made and shipped.

I'm very excited about this opportunity and I'm excited to create for you! Thank you for your interest!

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