Chrysocolla and Malachite Crystal Free Forms

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This listing is for one of the chrysocolla and malachite crystal free forms as pictured. These high grade crystals are smooth with a shiny surface all around in natural free form shapes. Each one has a beautiful mixture of both chrysocolla and malachite together, some with more mixture than others. Select which crystal option you would like (A-F) see photos ~

Chrysocolla-Malachite is a combination of two copper-derived silicate minerals. Blue Chrysocolla belongs to the Phyllosilicate group, while green Malachite belongs to the Carbonate group. Malachite's strength and power demands respect, mesmerizing the viewer. A very spiritually inviting stone. The two stones combined together brings the bold dynamic energy of green malachite with the serene and balance energy of blue chrysocolla. It dissolves negativity and fear and can be used to ground and cleanse our energetic field. 


A -  3 1/4in  X  4 3/4in

B -  3 1/2in  X  4in

C -  3in  X  3 1/2in

D -  1 1/2in  X  2 1/2in

E -  2 1/2in  X  3in

F -  1 1/2in  X  3 1/2in

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