Woodsy Dream Catcher Antler Wall Hanging

  • $ 135.00

~ Woodland Collection ~

This piece has been crafted out of a deer antler featuring dream catcher webbing between various segments, attached to a traditional style dream catcher. Completed with vines wrapping around the entire piece for the ultimate 'woodsy' feel.

Also attached is a beautiful quality Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. In the psychic and spiritual realms, amethyst is an excellent all-purpose stone that can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds.  Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also is said to bring emotional stability and inner strength.

Complete with one owl feather and one white goose feather.

Guaranteed to be a beautiful addition to any environment, and ready for a happy home!

Aprox. 10 inches wide / 22 inches long

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