White Agate Crystal Necklace

White Agate Crystal Necklace

  • $ 15.00

A cut and polished piece of white Agate crystal adorned with metal accents along a silver chain.

Agates are a well recognized family of stones that tend to be very settling and stabling. They can be called upon for many areas of the being; mind, body, and spirit. Agates are centered and grounded, they are stones that get to work quickly but don't over stimulate their keepers, or become to over-powering. Although Agates do come in different forms, the undertones do remain the same. White Agate resonates gently with the Crown energy center because of its purity, but can also be called upon for the body's other minor and major energy centers to bring harmony and correct over-stimulation.

Necklace hangs a total of 10 inches.


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