Sacred Flower Triple Goddess Green Agate Slice

  • $ 36.00

~ Triple Goddess ~

This custom design is laser etched into a polished green agate crystal, with a beautiful white stripe running along its side. The pattern etched here is a triple moon goddess. It shows different portions of the lunar cycle, with the moon in three phases. Within the center full moon of this design is a Sacred Flower of Life pattern. The waxing moon represents the Maiden and symbolizes purity, youth, rejuvenation, and expansion. The full moon represents the Mother, symbolizing fulfillment, potency, compassion, giving, caring, protection, and power. The waxing moon represents the Crone and symbolizes wisdom, experience, understanding, completion, death and rebirth. In its entirely, this symbol signifies the eternal cycle of birth, life, and rebirth.

Designed with the intentions of maintaining and complimenting the natural beautiful features of this particular agate crystal. Each agate slice etching is a one-of-a-kind work of art, not to be reproduced or replicated. All designs are made to fit exactly with that particular agate. There is only one of these available!

Measures 4 1/2in wide  X  5 1/2in tall

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