Native Dreams Antler Wall Hanging Totem

  • $ 150.00

This piece has been crafted out of a deer antler featuring dream catcher webbing between segments. A tribal pattern is painted with natural pigment paint around the base of this antler. This unique design features a wire wrapped citrine crystal hanging from the edge of this webbing.

Citrine is the merchants stone, helping to acquire and maintain wealth. Also helps in all interpersonal relationships: business, social, and especially family, finding solutions where there is discord. Citrine corresponds to the third, or solar plexus chakra, surrounding the navel. It aids in digestion, and helps to heal digestive problems.

Completed with natural found feathers hanging below. This piece hangs from a sturdy cotton cord loop for easy display hanging.

The perfect addition to any space that could use a little extra curiosity and wonder!

Harm free! Antlers have been naturally shed.

Measures: 7in wide  X  23in long (from tip to tip including top hanging piece)

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