Minty Aqua Mandala Dream Catchers

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Dream catchers have been used for ages as tokens of protection over our dream realms. In today's world, dream catchers hold many different purposes and meanings, each unique to themselves. A dream catcher is a totem of grace, strength, beauty, love, and harmony. Each catcher is hand made with love and laced with the best of intentions. Before sending off, every catcher is saged for cleansing to ensure your new dream totem is ready to serve you.

Each dream catcher I create is an original one-of-a-kind work of art that will never be produced in the same way ever again. Quality made to last a lifetime. Every piece created is new and different from the last. Ensuring that you are receiving a truly unique item, the only one of its kind in existence. Special just for you! 

These charming dream catchers feature a lovely aqua and white color scheme. With a lacey aqua mandala edge and white dream catcher webbing. Tumbled tree agate crystals hang from the centers of each.

The tree agate crystal meaning is linked with its distinctive bands and swirls of green, which gives it an earthy and robust aesthetic. Its unique composition reflects the colors and shapes of a forest, bringing you closer to nature and its peaceful vibes. 

Flower agate crystals hang amongst the tassels of these pieces. Flower agate provides light to illuminate your purpose and your destined path. This stone is often considered to be the stone of the Sacred Feminine Trinity. It unifies the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The Divine Trinity is said to reside inside all women. It tempers the innocence and joy of the Maiden, instills trust in the guidance and creation of the Mother, and lets you relish in the wisdom of the Crone. By balancing these sides of your spirit, you're able to experience true enlightenment. 

These catchers are completed with soft tassels, decorative beads for every tassel end, and lots of love! 

Guaranteed to be a beautiful addition to any sacred space <3

Measures: 3 1/2in wide  X  13 1/2in long (from tip to tip including top hanging loop)

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