Crystal Pouch Bundles

  • $ 10.00

Crystal pouch bundles come in five different stone and velvet draw-string bag color options. Each comes with a unique variety of crystals. The exact crystals seen are the ones that come in each of the bags. Only one of each bundle is available.

In your choice of ~

Violet - Tumbled amethyst, tumbled clear quartz, tumbled tigers eye, desert rose selenite, raw smokey quartz point

Black - Tumbled clear quartz, tumbled citrine, tumbled snowflake obsidian, raw black tourmaline, raw amethyst crystal

Red - Tumbled African jade, tumbled amethyst, raw blue calcite, raw black tourmaline, raw citrine crystal

Maroon - Tumbled amethyst, tumbled rhodonite, desert rose selenite, raw smokey quartz point, raw citrine point

Auburn - Tumbled rose quartz, tumbled clear quartz, desert rose selenite, rainbow fluorite slab, raw amethyst point


Bags measure approximately 4in X 3in

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