Barbed Wires Edge Screamer

  • $ 400.00

Conjuring Collection ~ Scream Catchers 2023

This edgy creation embodies power. Designed with a real barbed wire frame with a traditional style weave. Small glass beads are along edges of this woven pattern. Within the center of this weave is a 16-point wooden star.

A variety of staggering chains and details all hang under this barbed wire ring. Amongst them is a buffalo tooth, a deer antler, a metal medallion, gold pointed charm, and a smokey quartz crystal.  

Smokey quartz is a stone of power. This power lies in its ability to protect and ground one physically and spiritually to this world. This stone absorbs significant amounts of negative energy and releases back into the Earth to be neutralized naturally. It provides a vital shield against psychic attack, emotional and environmental stress, and is used extensively in healing and meditation.

Completed with a mix of owl and pheasant feathers. Made with love <3

Measures: 16in wide  X  39in long (from tip to tip including top hanging loop)


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