Agate Obelisk Towers

  • $ 28.00

Listing is for one agate tower as pictured. Select which crystal you would like upon adding this item to your cart.

An obelisk is the perfect shape to place in any room. It's shape has the perfect apex to dissipate stone energies evenly into a room.

Agate is a mineral of the quartz family. This gem is formed in nearly all colors, from clear transparent crystals to banded stones of earthy hues. These particular agate obelisks are considered black agate. This stone promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self confidence. Also known to enhance mental function by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities.


A-  1 1/4in base  X  5in tall  (Exhibits small druzy caves on one side)

B-  1 1/4in base  X  4 1/2in tall

C-  1 1/4in base  X  4 3/4in tall

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