Large White Sage Stick

  • $ 9.75

This listing is for one bundle of white sage as pictured. These bundles measure 9" long and almost 2" diameter, that's a lot of sage! Sage is great for cleansing or smudging an area or person. Sage clears negative energy while providing clarity, healing, and spiritual awareness.

In order to smudge a room, a home, or a person; light the end of your sage stick until a flame emerges, blow your flame out quickly and let the sage stick smolder with a trail of smoke. Wave this smoke into the corners of a room, through doorways, and into dark spaces. Smudging a person or oneself works in a similar way; waving the smoke over the entire body, and each of the limbs separately. 

Never leave a flame or smoldering stick unattended. Once finished with your cleansing, be sure an extinguish any lingering smoke.

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