Tree Agate Tumbled Crystals

  • $ 2.25

This listing is for one piece of tumbled tree agate crystal as pictured. These gems come in your choice of a large, medium, or small size. See photo examples of each.

The tree agate crystal meaning is linked with its distinctive bands and swirls of green, which gives it an earthy and robust aesthetic. Its unique composition reflects the colors and shapes of a forest, bringing you closer to nature and its peaceful vibes. People often say that the crystals choose you instead of the other way around. If the tree agate is calling to you, it could be a sign that you need its calming and centering vibes to keep you gently flowing to the natural rhythm of nature.

These smooth tumbled stones are perfect for carrying with you in your pocket or bag for manifesting specific energies related to this crystal.

Large -  approximately 1 1/2in

Medium -  approximately 1 1/4in

Small -  approximately 1in

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